Hopster Pilsner


Bright golden lager with frothy foam and crisp flavor tuned by elegantly balanced hops. Tiny bit more than your average beer!

Pearu IPA

Alc 6.5% IBU 40 EBC 16 Pearu was a crafty farmer like our beer, full of hoppy freshness, tropical fruits and caramel malts. Since we love to pair our beers with food you might find this IPA not so bitter as many others- making it a nice session beer as well. We love it with spicy Asian food! Made with barley, water yeast and hops (Columbus, Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe).


Tropical Wit Beer Alc 5.5% Frida is a tropical explosion. Wit beer brewed with fresh mango and passion fruit. Fantastic on a hot summer day or salvation on a cold autumn evenings! Frida is a great aperitif, and perfect with Asian food.


Saison Alc 5.5% Soft, creamy and refreshing. Easy to drink yet flavorful. Mild fruitiness of the beer is balanced with soft spunky tartness and Amarillo hops bitterness. Delightful company to enjoy with friends, perfect with rich seafood and light poultry dishes.

Nuki Craft Cider

Nuki is a collaboration between our restaurant Leib and Tori cider farm. Apples picked in 2018 from an old and forgotten apple orchard are macerated after crushing to enhance the depth of the flavor. Our cider is fermented with natural yeast and kept on the fine lees for more than a year- greatness in our lives is always time demanding.

Nuki is fresh and lively with touch of fruitiness making it a great aperitif or companion with fresh salads and light fish dishes.